Students and Universal Credit, 23 May 2022 ONLINE

23rd May 2022
The interaction of universal credit with student finance can be a difficult one. Which students can claim, what they can claim and how student loans and grants affect those payments...

Understanding social security law and finding it online, 24 & 25 May 2022 ONLINE

24th May 2022 to 25th May 2022
Entitlement to social security is determined by whether or not a claimant meets the legal rules relevant to the benefit in question. Similarly, the processes that must be followed. The...

Benefits for EEA nationals - advanced (Scotland), 24 – 25 May 2022 ONLINE

24th May 2022 to 25th May 2022
Online Scotland
This experienced level course looks in detail at the social security rights of EEA nationals in the UK. It provides an opportunity for advisers who are familiar with some of...

How universal credit is calculated, 25 & 26 May 2022 ONLINE

25th May 2022 to 26th May 2022
This full-day online training course introduces advisers to how the UC calculation works. It looks at how the monthly UC ‘maximum amount’ compares to monthly income, and how the UC...

Students and benefits - an update (Scotland), 1 June 2022 ONLINE

1st June 2022
Online Scotland
Make sure you know how recent benefit changes are likely to affect students. This half-day course is for advisers with a good working knowledge of the benefits and tax credits...

Universal Credit for Disabled People, 6 & 7 June 2022 ONLINE

6th June 2022 to 7th June 2022
This one-day experienced level online course looks at the universal credit (UC) rules that particularly affect ill or disabled people. It will equip you to advise clients about the transfer...

Universal Credit Update and Tactics, 8 & 9 June 2022 ONLINE

8th June 2022 to 9th June 2022
Universal credit (UC) changes all the time, as the law is amended, as it is implemented in practice, and as local delivery changes. This course is an opportunity for experienced...

Scotland Webinar:  At a premium – transitional SDP element unpicked 8 June 2022

8th June 2022
Online Scotland
The latest in CPAG in Scotland’s series of specialist webinars focuses on the transitional SDP element in universal credit. The government was compelled to introduce this amount to protect the...

Stick or Twist? Jumping Ship to Universal Credit, 9 & 10 June 2022 ONLINE

9th June 2022 to 10th June 2022
Around 6 million people have claimed universal credit (UC), but another 3 million are still on Legacy benefits. Changes to the rules in January 2021 make it easier to switch...

Benefits Overview, 13 & 14 June 2022 ONLINE

13th June 2022 to 14th June 2022
This one-day introductory level course - delivered over two consecutive mornings - provides an overview of the benefits system and examines how the system fits together. The course covers: How...