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[FULLY BOOKED] Universal Credit, 26 & 27 January 2021 ONLINE

26th January 2021 to 27th January 2021
This training course focuses on Universal Credit (UC), the centre piece of the Government’s welfare reform programme. Universal Credit is now at ‘full roll out’ across the UK and applies...

QBC - making the most of your calculator (Scotland) 27 - 28 January 2021 ONLINE

27th January 2021 to 28th January 2021
Online Scotland
This course is for people who want to learn how use QBC effectively and confidently. It covers: • Understanding screens, controls, menus and how to get in-calculator help • Best...

Webinar: Universal Credit - “Wage Against The Machine”

27th January 2021
Earned Income in the universal credit system: problems and solutions The allocation of earned income to particular periods within the universal credit system has proven to cause problems for benefit...

Benefits for EEA nationals, 27 & 28 January 2021 ONLINE

27th January 2021 to 28th January 2021
Accessing benefit entitlements can be particularly complex for EEA nationals and claimants often need support and advice. This standard level course sets out how to navigate the current rules, explains...

[FULLY BOOKED] Income Maximisation for Older People, 8 & 9 February 2021 ONLINE

8th February 2021 to 9th February 2021
Older people commonly do not claim all that they are entitled to. This course provides an introduction to pension credit and aims to help you with effective benefit checks to...

Mental Health and Benefits, 15 & 16 February 2021 ONLINE

15th February 2021 to 16th February 2021
This one-day standard level course (delivered over four one-hour 15 minute modules, across two consecutive mornings) provides a practical and tactical look at working with people with mental health diagnoses...

Coronavirus and benefits – sickness, furlough and redundancy (Scotland) 17 February 2021 ONLINE

17th February 2021
Online Scotland
The government’s extended coronavirus job retention scheme and self-employment income support scheme will continue to provide help during the pandemic, while other support has been introduced for low income workers...

Benefits for rent (Scotland) 18 - 19 February 2021 ONLINE

18th February 2021 to 19th February 2021
Online Scotland
In recent years around two thousand tenants in Scotland have been evicted annually by social landlords for rent arrears, with an unrecorded number of private tenants. Arrears are a growing...

Students and Universal Credit, 23 February 2021 ONLINE

23rd February 2021
Make sure you know how recent benefit changes are likely to affect students during the coronavirus outbreak. This course is for advisers with a working knowledge of the benefits and...

Universal Credit for Disabled People, 24 & 25 February 2021 ONLINE

24th February 2021 to 25th February 2021
This one-day standard level online course looks at the universal credit (UC) rules that particularly affect ill or disabled people. It will equip you to advise clients about the transfer...