Work and pay

Your work your way

28 November 2023
Potential second earners in couple families, usually mothers, face high barriers to employment. Mothers typically face more barriers to work than fathers in couples, particularly because of issues relating to childcare and time spent out of the labour market due to caring responsibilities. To evaluate barriers to work faced by this group and identify solutions to these barriers, Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) designed and delivered the Your Work Your Way (YWYW) project – an employment support scheme that worked with 70 potential second earners in couples.

CPAG’s response to the Autumn Statement announcements

23 November 2023
The chancellor has done the bare minimum that is needed to prevent faster rises in child poverty. There are 4.2 million children living in poverty in the UK today. Ensuring benefits catch up with inflation, and increasing local housing allowance (LHA), will come as welcome news to the millions of families on the lowest incomes who have been left worried sick as speculation about benefit cuts and freezes played out in the news. Increasing these benefits should never have been in doubt, and we urge the government to ensure benefit uprating is placed on a statutory footing to avoid this process being repeated in future years.

Breaking through the barriers

02 November 2023
A paper exploring how we can build better systems to overcome barriers to work and opportunity, guarantee security, and uphold dignity.

CPAG's Autumn Statement Representation

13 October 2023
Our recommendations to the UK government in advance of the Autumn Statement.

Post-Budget briefing

16 March 2023
This briefing outlines CPAG’s response to the Spring Budget announcements.

Spring Budget - step forward on childcare but eligibility criteria a problem

15 March 2023
Our response to the Budget: Some of the Chancellor’s plans are welcome but some are worrying. Many of the childcare changes announced are a big step forward but the stringent job-search requirements for parents on universal credit (UC) are concerning and overall the package is far short of what struggling families needed from the Chancellor as they face another year of high inflation.

Pre-Budget briefing for parliamentarians

10 March 2023
This is an important moment for the government to demonstrate how it will support families on a low income. Investing in social security protects those who need it most. This investment is highly cost-effective – reducing child poverty immediately and leading to improved education, employment and health outcomes, including life expectancy.

FOI data debunks benefit cap 'work incentive'

02 March 2023
Just over a third (34%) of people on universal credit who are subject to the benefit cap – which the Government claims incentivises work – are assessed by the DWP as not required to look for a job because they are caring for very young children, new FOI data for Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) shows.  A further 18% are already in work but don’t earn enough to reach the threshold for the cap to be lifted.

Trapped by the cap: An analysis of work conditionality and the benefit cap

02 February 2023
Data we obtained via a freedom of information request reveals that a third (34 per cent) of people subject to the benefit cap, which the government claims is a work incentive, are not expected to seek employment because their circumstances prevent them from working. Rather than being a work incentive, it is pushing children deeper into poverty.