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Welfare Rights Bulletin

The Welfare Rights Bulletin is CPAG's journal of welfare benefits and tax credits law and practice. It is also an updating service for our Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook.

Published six times a year, it is sent to all CPAG Rights members as part of the membership package. It is also available on annual subscription.

This page contains a selection of articles from the magazine. Other regular features include: Handbook update; legal section with reports of court cases, Upper Tribunal decisions and new regulations; welfare rights news; reader Q&A.

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New social security powers in Scotland

Issue 251 (April 2016)
Judith Paterson looks at proposals to use new social security powers in Scotland.

Tax credits and living together: ‘here we go again’

Issue 251 (April 2016)
Ros White considers the ‘extensive catalogue’ of Upper Tribunal decisions highlighting failures by HMRC and the First-tier Tribunal in tax credits ‘living together’ cases

Universal credit: full steam ahead

Issue 251 (April 2016)
Simon Osborne describes the latest plans for the roll out of universal credit (UC) and, in particular, the UC ‘full service’.

DHPs – principle and practice

Issue 250 (February 2016)
Gwyneth King considers the role of discretionary housing payments (DHPs) in mitigating some of the effects of cuts contained in welfare reform measures.

Universal credit advances

Issue 250 (February 2016)
Robbie Spence considers rules and practices that apply to payments in advance of universal credit (UC).

The Welfare Reform and Work Bill and human rights

Issue 250 (February 2016)
The Welfare Reform and Work Bill, if passed into law, will have a significant impact on claimants. Mike Spencer and Sophie Earnshaw consider whether its more controversial measures would comply with human rights law.

Universal credit: recent rule changes

Issue 249 (Dec 2015)
Simon Osborne describes a number of new regulations which make some important changes to the universal credit (UC) rules.

Universal credit: early warnings

Issue 249 (Dec 2015)
Kirsty McKechnie reports on what is emerging about the experience of universal credit through CPAG in Scotland’s Early Warning System.