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Welfare Rights Bulletin

The Welfare Rights Bulletin is CPAG's journal of welfare benefits and tax credits law and practice. It is also an updating service for our Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook.

Published six times a year, it is sent to all CPAG Rights members as part of the membership package. It is also available on annual subscription.

This page contains a selection of articles from the magazine. Other regular features include: Handbook update; legal section with reports of court cases, Upper Tribunal decisions and new regulations; welfare rights news; reader Q&A.

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Tax credits: claim while you can

Issue 265 (August 2018)
Time is running out for tax credits. Mark Willis explains.

Tribunals and PIP transfer errors

Issue 265 (August 2018)
Ed Pybus looks at recent caselaw on how tribunals should treat disability living allowance (DLA) evidence on transfer to personal independence allowance (PIP).

UC: value for money?

Issue 265 (August 2018)
Barbara Donegan describes an independent report which raises some fundamental questions about the operation of universal credit (UC).

The Social Security Act (Scotland) 2018

Issue 264 (June 2018)
Kirsty McKechnie describes the provisions in the first legislation passed establishing the Scottish social security system.

Universal credit and housing costs

Issue 264 (June 2018)
Martin Williams looks at some common problems with the housing element of universal credit (UC).

Overpayments and tax credits: what now?

Issue 264 (June 2018)
Since tax credits were introduced in 2003, the system has struggled to cope with the problem of overpayments. As we enter the final phase before tax credits are replaced by universal credit (UC), pressures are building up again. Mark Willis explains.

Fair comment?

Issue 264 (June 2018)
Simon Osborne describes recent caselaw setting out concern at some official responses in appeals to the First-tier Tribunal.

ESA arrears: why claimants may lose out

Issue 263 (April 2018)
Simon Osborne describes how it is that around 70,000 people have been underpaid employment and support allowance (ESA) and how the government is refusing to pay some of them full arrears.

PIP and psychological distress

Issue 263 (April 2018)
The DWP is reviewing personal independence payment (PIP) decisions, following a High Court decision that found changes to mobility descriptors in March 2017 unlawfully discriminated against claimants with mental health problems.

Legal Support Project launched

Issue 263 (April 2018)
Eirwen Pierrot of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) describes its Legal Support Project. The project launched in September 2017 and provides funding for legal representatives in England and Wales in claims concerning discrimination in education, housing or social security. In Scotland, the project is able to provide funding for legal representatives acting in Equality Act 2010 claims concerning education, housing and the provision of services.