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The Welfare Rights Bulletin is CPAG's journal of welfare benefits and tax credits law and practice. It is also an updating service for our Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook.

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This page contains a selection of articles from the magazine. Other regular features include: Handbook update; legal section with reports of court cases, Upper Tribunal decisions and new regulations; welfare rights news; reader Q&A.

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B – The end of a long and winding road

Issue 227 (April 2012)
In this article, Sarah Clarke looks at the B case and its history, together with the related case of Hinchy v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions [2005] UKHL 16, which ran alongside it.

Great expectations dashed as PIP plans mature

Issue 227 (April 2012)
Proposals to replace disability living allowance (DLA) for working age adults with a new personal independence payment (PIP) have emerged relatively unscathed from parliamentary scrutiny of the Welfare Reform Act 2012. Jon Shaw updates on the changes that were made and the current consultations on the proposals.

Changes to employment and support allowance

Issue 227 (April 2012)
Simon Osborne sets out the changes made to ESA by the Welfare Reform Act 2012, and other changes and procedures that result from them.

Tax credits changes

Issue 227 (April 2012)
Edward Graham with a reminder that a number of important changes to tax credits took effect from 6 April 2012.

Universal credit: what we know and don’t yet know

Issue 227 (April 2012)
David Simmons considers what we do and don’t know about universal credit, following the passing of the Welfare Reform Act 2012.

Disability and discrimination: a case for special treatment

Issue 226 (February 2012)
An argument for more favourable treatment for disabled people in social security, in particular in housing benefit, is currently before the Court of Appeal. Simon Osborne sets the scene.

Permanent residence: settled

Issue 226 (February 2012)
Martin Williams provides a round-up of the caselaw on when a European Economic Area (EEA) national or her/his family member will have a permanent right of residence as a result of residing in the UK for five years.

Struck out?

Issue 226 (February 2012)
Martin Williams reviews the rules which allow a tribunal to strike out an appeal and the correct procedure for doing so.

Never the twain shall meet? ESA medical reports and DLA decision making

Issue 226 (February 2012)
David Simmons considers the legalities of the DWP and tribunals relying on ESA85 medical reports when making DLA decisions.

Escalating conditionality

Issue 225 (December 2011)
David Simmons describes the new conditionality regime for benefit claimants provided for in the Welfare Reform Bill 2011.