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Residence rights and wrongs

Issue 242 (October 2014)
Henri Krishna reviews recent changes in rules about residence and benefits, concentrating on developments not already covered by articles on the 1 January 2014 changes in CPAG's Welfare Rights Bulletin 238 and the Saint Prix decision of the European Court of Justice in CPAG's Welfare Rights Bulletin 241.

CTR minimum residency rule

Issue 242 (October 2014)
In R (Winder and others) v Sandwell MBC, the High Court ruled that a local authority could not lawfully adopt a council tax reduction (CTR) scheme that was restricted only to those who had lived in the borough for two years. Michael Spencer discusses the case and its implications for CTR schemes and localised welfare more generally.

Universal credit: expansion to new areas and to couples

Issue 241 (August 2014)
Recent rule changes have made a number of changes to the universal credit (UC) rules. The changes include an expansion of the UC areas in north west England, and the introduction of the possibility of new claims from couples. Simon Osborne explains.

Saint Prix and the right to reside for pregnant women

Issue 241 (August 2014)
Mike Spencer looks at a recent European Court of Justice decision with important findings about the right to reside of women who have given up work due to pregnancy.

Mandatory reconsideration of HMRC decisions

Issue 241 (August 2014)
Mark Willis takes a look at the rules introducing mandatory reconsideration into appeal rights for tax credits, child benefit and guardian’s allowance.

Mandatory reconsideration: problems and solutions

Issue 241 (August 2014)
Martin Williams looks at some of the problems thrown up by mandatory reconsideration and direct lodgement of appeals and what advisers can do to try to solve them.

DWP guidance relating to extra-statutory payments of ESA for claimants who move from Northern Ireland to Great Britain

This official DWP guidance relates to extra-statutory payments of ESA for claimants who move from Northern Ireland (NI) to Great Britain (GB).

PIP: process, problems and pragmatism

Issue 240 (June 2014)
Jon Shaw takes a look at some of the issues with the rollout of personal independence payment (PIP).

Couples, caselaw and same-sex marriage

Issue 240 (June 2014)
David Simmons considers the effects of the introduction of same-sex marriage and some recent caselaw on cohabitation.