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Welfare Rights Bulletin

The Welfare Rights Bulletin is CPAG's journal of welfare benefits and tax credits law and practice. It is also an updating service for our Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook.

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This page contains a selection of articles from the magazine. Other regular features include: Handbook update; legal section with reports of court cases, Upper Tribunal decisions and new regulations; welfare rights news; reader Q&A.

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PIP at the Upper Tribunal

Issue 249 (Dec 2015)
Jon Shaw looks at some of the more important personal independence payment (PIP) caselaw from the Upper Tribunal.

PIP marches on

Issue 248 (October 2015)
The DWP has announced the start of the next stage in the process of the transfer of current disability living allowance (DLA) claims to claims for personal independence allowance (PIP). Simon Osborne outlines the plans.

Local welfare: tips and tactics

Issue 248 (October 2015)
Robbie Spence sets outs some general tips and tactics for reading between the lines of council guidance about local welfare assistance schemes, in order to give advisers the best chance of getting help for their clients.

Safeguarding guidance: a tool for practitioners

Issue 248 (October 2015)
Safeguarding procedures exist within DWP guidance to protect vulnerable claimants if their claim is about to be stopped. Greenwich Welfare Rights Service has found that querying with the DWP when the guidance has not been applied has regularly resulted in benefit being reinstated quickly. Owen Stevens and Corin Hammersley explain current safeguarding guidance for employment and support allowance (ESA) and universal credit (UC).

Upper Tribunal extends pregnancy right to reside

Issue 248 (October 2015)
Mike Spencer looks at a recent Upper Tribunal decision on the residence rights of women who have to give up work during pregnancy and following childbirth.

Residence rights round-up

Issue 247 (August 2015)
Henri Krishna examines the most significant developments in residence-related rights for European migrants over the last year.

In the bag? Tribunals and less favourable decisions

Issue 247 (August 2015)
Simon Osborne reviews some recent guidance offered in the caselaw about the ability of tribunals to make decisions more adverse to the appellant than the one under appeal.

Welfare Reform and Work Bill 2015

Issue 247 (August 2015)
The Welfare Reform and Work Bill was laid before parliament and given its first reading on 9 July 2015. The second reading took place on 21 July 2015 and CPAG will continue to lobby for amendments to the Bill as it progresses through parliament. Paul Treloar summarises the main points of the Bill.

ESA and substantial risk

Issue 247 (August 2015)
Alison Gillies provides an update on some increasingly important rules.

‘Passporting’ to maximum housing benefit

Issue 246 (June 2015)
Simon Osborne reviews the rules under which housing benefit (HB) claimants can be ‘passported’ to maximum HB.