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Welfare reform

2010 Budget highlights

Issue 215 (April 2010)
David Simmons summarises the main changes relating to welfare benefits and tax credits announced in the 2010 budget.These are in addition to the changes already announced in the Pre-Budget Report.

State pension reform from April 2010

Issue 214 (February 2010)
David Simmons summarises the principal and consequential changes.

Welfare Reform Bill 2009

Issue 208 (February 2009)
The Government published a Welfare Reform Bill on 14 January 2009. Edward Graham outlines the main proposals in the Bill.

Celebrating sixty years of the welfare state?

Issue 131 (Autumn 2008)
In the recent celebrations of the sixtieth anniversary of the implementation of the majority of Beveridge’s welfare state reforms, the National Insurance Acts and the National Assistance Act, which together introduced a nationwide system of national insurance and a means-tested safety net, seem to have been forgotten.

All rise for the Judge? Tribunal reform on the books

Issue 201 (December 2007)
Simon Osborne looks at the context and content of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007.

Work, work, work: Green Paper on employment and benefits

Issue 199 (August 2007)
The Government have published a Green Paper outlining proposals on achieving full employment, including the threat of more benefit sanctions for lone parents and the unemployed. Simon Osborne describes the main points.

The Welfare Reform Act 2007

Issue 198 (June 2007)
The Welfare Reform Bill received Royal Assent on 3 May and became the Welfare Reform Act. Edward Graham summarises its main provisions

Lone parents and benefit reform

Issue 197 (April 2007)
Edward Graham looks at recent announcements and rumours regarding lone parents and benefit.

Budget and benefits 2007

Issue 197 (April 2007)
Simon Osborne describes the main benefit and tax credit provisions in the 2007 Budget, as set out in the Budget Report.