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Communities and Local Government Department review of statutory duties placed on local government - CPAG's submission

03 February 2012
The Government's ‘informal’ six-week consultation reviewed the 1,294 statutory duties that central government currently places on local authorities.

Local support to replace community care grants and crisis loans for living expenses: a briefing by CPAG

03 February 2012
The social fund helps people on low incomes cope with emergency expenses.

Unlawful child poverty ‘strategy’ includes cuts that make poor families poorer

05 April 2011
Responding to the publication today of the Government’s child poverty ‘strategy’ and social mobility strategy, the Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action Group, Alison Garnham, said: “A child poverty ‘strategy’ which does not set out how poverty numbers will fall, and by when, is not a strategy and is incredibly disappointing and surprising given the Prime Minister’s stated commitment on tackling poverty...