Autumn Statement: families were left worried sick to give government a rabbit-in-the-hat moment

22 November 2023
It’s right that benefits are uprated as usual but this should never have been in doubt and legislation mandating inflationary increases is needed as a basic protection for living standards.   Struggling families have been worrying themselves sick for months about whether an unmanageable income cut was coming in order to provide the government with a rabbit-out-of-the-hat moment.  

Poverty’s threat to childhood revealed by new research

20 June 2023
New research from Child Poverty Action Group shows child poverty’s heavy toll on children’s physical and mental health, their education and how they feel about themselves and their futures.   

Navigating the social security system with a mental health problem

14 March 2023
CPAG has published a new benefits and mental health handbook to help people who might be going through some of the most difficult times in their lives.

WCA – Exceptional Opportunities (online)

The work capability assessment (WCA) test dominates ESA and UC in relation to sick claimants. The ‘exceptional circumstances test (otherwise ‘risk to self or others’) should apply with equal force to those denied WCA points, but is often neglected by DWP decision makers and it does not even feature in the ESA50 / UC50 assessment forms. If ignored, many claimants will suffer because this vital route to entitlement is being unjustly disregarded, including those with mental health problems.

Mental health and benefits (online)

This one-day standard level course, delivered online over two consecutive mornings, provides a practical and tactical look at working with people with mental health diagnoses to help secure full entitlement to benefits, and to help avoid some of the pitfalls of the system. The course covers: