Parents claiming for young people in further education or training

October 2023
Factsheet explaining when a parent, or someone responsible for a child, can continue to claim benefit for a child aged 16 or over.

UK Cost of the School Day evaluation

10 October 2023
Our UK Cost of the School Day programme, carried out in partnership with Children North East, has been transformative for schools and pupils. An independent evaluation of the project between 2019-22 highlights its impact on families, schools, local authorities and the wider education system.

How school costs make it harder to go to school

05 October 2023
Pupils and parents have told us that costs associated with going to school and stretched family finances are affecting children’s attendance, as Georgina Burt explains in this blog.

'There is only so much we can do' - school staff in England

19 September 2023
People working in schools witness the impact of poverty on children and families on a daily basis, and the scale and severity of the problem mean schools are reeling up against it. To understand exactly how child poverty affects the whole school system in England, the Education Anti-Poverty Coalition, convened by Child Poverty Action Group, has conducted a first-of-its-kind survey of professionals working in every role in schools in England.

Child poverty pushing schools to the brink – staff forced off core roles to cope

19 September 2023
First-of-its kind-survey finds 79% of school staff in England say time must be diverted from allocated roles to combat child poverty.

Cost of the School Day Voice

Cost of the School Day voice is a network of children and young people in schools around the country who are taking action on costs and having their say on poverty and education.

Free school meals: third of kids in poverty miss out

19 July 2023
There is only one part of the school day that is means-tested – lunchtime. We believe that all school children should be offered a balanced and filling school meal each day without cost. But a third of school-age children in England (900,000) living in poverty miss out on free school meals.

Poverty’s threat to childhood revealed by new research

20 June 2023
New research from Child Poverty Action Group shows child poverty’s heavy toll on children’s physical and mental health, their education and how they feel about themselves and their futures.   

Improving secondary school food provision: barriers and solutions

25 May 2023
This briefing draws on our research with schools and families in London and makes suggestions for how schools can remove some of the barriers faced by secondary pupils in receipt of free shcool meals, and those in low-income families who do not currently qualify.

The minimum cost of education

11 May 2023
Researchers have found that going to school in the UK costs families of primary school children at least £864.87 a year, or £18.69 a week. This is before childcare costs are accounted for. For families of secondary school children, the cost of sending a child to school is at least £1,755.97 a year.