Briefing for MPs on Queen's Speech

10 May 2022
The Queen’s Speech was a missed opportunity for the government to introduce legislation that would support people in the short term and improve living standards in the longer term.

All children should experience the joy of school fun

30 March 2022
Francesca Hogg, Children North East’s Poverty Proofing Practice Advisor, writes about the costs and resources required for fun events at school and the worry they can cause children and their families.

It’s hard to catch up when poverty holds you back

29 March 2022
Children have told us time and time again that poverty gets in the way of being able to make the most of learning and school life. And the data backs this up – children who live in homes with less money are less likely to do well at school.

Children in poverty missing out on fun events and special occasions at school, new report finds

28 March 2022
Children from poorer families are unable to make the most of school life and take part in special activities and events due to cost, our new report has found.

The Cost of Having Fun at School

28 March 2022
The Cost of Having Fun at School captures the experiences of pupils and parents with school fun, highlighting what we've heard from Cost of the School Day focus groups with over 8,000 pupils as well as the views of parents and carers.

Reducing the cost of the school day in Wales | Lleihau cost y diwrnod ysgol yng Nghymru

16 March 2022
Schools across Wales are working hard to ensure the inclusion and participation of children from low-income families. However, this briefing highlights areas repeatedly brought up by children, their families and by school staff as barriers that prevent learners from taking part, feeling happy and being able to make the most of the school day.

The Cost of the School Day in England: Pupils' Perspectives

01 March 2022
This report focuses on the UK Cost of the School Day project's research so far in England. It highlights some of the positive work being carried out by schools to ensure that opportunities are affordable and inclusive, while also drawing attention to the multitude of ways that pupils from low-income families face exclusion and stigma.​

Students and benefits ebulletin - December 2021

Students and benefits factsheets updated, disabled students and universal credit, and more

Cost of the School Day Coventry Drop-in Sessions

We are holding a series of Cost of the School Day drop-in sessions for schools in Coventry. Find the schedule and the links to the events here.

Extra time to tackle child poverty in Welsh schools

15 December 2021
Last week, the Welsh education minister Jeremy Miles announced a £2 million programme to trial new approaches to the timing of the school day. In the two-year pilot, participating schools will provide learners with the opportunity to take part in music, art, sports, and other activities after core school hours, to build rich social and cultural knowledge. As well as supporting individual children’s health and wellbeing, the policy could also be a powerful way of addressing child poverty in the round.