Costs and spending

CPAG's response to the Queen's Speech

10 May 2022
With 38 bills but no direct help with spiralling costs, this speech was a far cry from what struggling families needed to hear today. Government offered no short term comfort for parents struggling to feed their kids in the face of rocketing prices, and no long term vision for ending child poverty.

"I am driven into debt by my journey to work" - Caroline's experience

19 April 2022
This is my story and my experience. I grew up in a low-income household in Northern Ireland. I’ve experienced rationing and remember well walking to get the free butter and sugar as a young child. I know how it impacts on a child’s education and on how they see themselves. I didn’t see very much in myself growing up but I am still here, and now watch as my own child’s life experiences run parallel to mine just 40 years apart. 

All children should experience the joy of school fun

30 March 2022
Francesca Hogg, Children North East’s Poverty Proofing Practice Advisor, writes about the costs and resources required for fun events at school and the worry they can cause children and their families.

Children in poverty missing out on fun events and special occasions at school, new report finds

28 March 2022
Children from poorer families are unable to make the most of school life and take part in special activities and events due to cost, our new report has found.

The Cost of Having Fun at School

28 March 2022
The Cost of Having Fun at School captures the experiences of pupils and parents with school fun, highlighting what we've heard from Cost of the School Day focus groups with over 8,000 pupils as well as the views of parents and carers.

Chancellor fails the children who need him the most

23 March 2022
John Dickie responds to the Chancellor's Spring Statement

UC families face £660 income cut as Bank of England increases inflation expectations

21 March 2022
In a letter to the chancellor last week, the Bank of England stated that it expected inflation to be “around 8 per cent” this spring. With UC set to rise by just 3.1% in April, families with children on universal credit now face a real-terms cut of around £660 per year, on average.

Second benefits cut is unthinkable - organisations call for minimum 7% benefits rise

17 March 2022
Benefits must keep pace with the rising cost of living. Child Poverty Action Group joins forces with over 50 organisations to call for benefits to be increased by at least 7 per cent in April to match inflation.

Reducing the cost of the school day in Wales | Lleihau cost y diwrnod ysgol yng Nghymru

16 March 2022
Schools across Wales are working hard to ensure the inclusion and participation of children from low-income families. However, this briefing highlights areas repeatedly brought up by children, their families and by school staff as barriers that prevent learners from taking part, feeling happy and being able to make the most of the school day.

The Cost of the School Day in England: Pupils' Perspectives

01 March 2022
This report focuses on the UK Cost of the School Day project's research so far in England. It highlights some of the positive work being carried out by schools to ensure that opportunities are affordable and inclusive, while also drawing attention to the multitude of ways that pupils from low-income families face exclusion and stigma.​