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Costs and spending

Cost of the School Day calendar 2021-22

The Cost of the School Day calendar aims to help schools identify possible cost barriers during the academic year and think about some alternatives to make sure all children and young people can fully participate in education. Throughout the calendar, we’ve included ideas and good practice examples from schools across England, Scotland and Wales who have taken part in the Cost of the School Day project.

London Calling: "Stretched too far"

15 October 2021
This report pulls together the views and experiences shared by parents and young people in the capital during the first year of the London Calling project. It looks at the key barriers to a good quality of life for children and families living on a low income in London in 2021, examines the effect of the pandemic on these barriers, and sets out what CPAG’s panel of low-income parents in London want the future to look like for themselves and their families.

Challenge Poverty Week guest blog: Reducing the Cost of the School Day with #YSAttain

06 October 2021
At the Cost of the School Day project we know that costs throughout the school day can pile pressure on families and affect young people’s participation, learning and wellbeing. This Challenge Poverty Week, we hear from our partners at Young Scot about how their #YSAttain project is helping young people take part and saving their families money.

Back to school – supporting pupils from low-income families in England

01 September 2021
For many pupils, families and school staff, excitement has been building for the start of the new school year. However, for some families experiencing poverty, this can be a time of anxiety. A time of increased costs as uniforms, PE kits, travel cards and stationery are needed. But there are some straightforward steps that schools can take to ensure that all families and children get off to a great start.

Working Group guide for schools in England

A Cost of the School Day working group can support, guide and monitor your school’s efforts to reduce costs and remove barriers to participation in education for children from low-income families.

The Right Blazer: Developing pre-loved uniform provision

A 3-page resource for schools in England looking to develop pre-loved uniform provision, with practical tips and advice

Parentkind and CPAG poll: Extending the school day

22 July 2021
A poll by Parentkind and Child Poverty Action Group sought to understand parents’ and carers’ views on extending the school day and in particular what approaches they would like to see implemented for their children during the pandemic recovery period. 

New blog series: insights from Cost of the School Day frontline practitioners

20 July 2021
Since January 2020, we’ve been working with our project partners, Children North East, to poverty proof schools in parts of England, Scotland and Wales. Our team of skilled practitioners have spoken with over 7,500 pupils across Coventry, Greenwich, Kensington and Chelsea, Moray and Rhondda Cynon Taf. Our new blog series aims to share some of the practitioners' insights.

“We know that poverty affects children and their communities differently”

20 July 2021
This is the fifth of a series of five blogs about why listening to pupils is key to tackling the cost of the school day. The ‘Poverty Proofing’ process was designed by CPAG’s project partners Children North East. Poverty Proofing Practice Advisor, Francesca Hogg, describes the child-centred values that underpin this approach.

“An effortless, non-threatening vehicle for scrutinizing poverty within schools”

20 July 2021
This is the fourth of a series of five blogs about why listening to pupils is key to tackling the cost of the school day. Rhian Reynolds, who delivers the project in South Wales, describes how valuable schools have found hearing from pupils and what they plan to do as a result of the Cost of the School Day project.