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Children’s benefits

Child benefits in the European Union

Issue 139 (Summer 2011)
The future of a universal child benefit in the UK is currently under threat. Here Jonathan Bradshaw looks at how the UK compares with other European Union countries in its provision of child benefits and asks what the introduction of a means test will mean for families.

Spending Review – more cuts

Issue 219 (December 2010)
Angela Toal examines the changes to welfare benefits and tax credits announced in the Government’s Spending Review in October 2010.

The effect of fiscal tightening on family incomes and child poverty

Issue 137 (Autumn 2010)
A new report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies shows that the Coalition Government’s Emergency Budget hit families with children hardest.

Making the poor pay: the Budget and benefits

Issue 217 (August 2010)
Simon Osborne examines the changes to benefits and tax credits announced in the June 2010 Budget.

Refugees and benefits

Issue 215 (April 2010)
Mark Willis examines the rights of refugees to claim benefits and the problems that can arise.

2010 Budget highlights

Issue 215 (April 2010)
David Simmons summarises the main changes relating to welfare benefits and tax credits announced in the 2010 budget.These are in addition to the changes already announced in the Pre-Budget Report.

Tax credits: offsetting overpayments

Issue 214 (February 2010)
Sarah Clarke provides an update on the 'offsetting' of overpayments which arise when a partner leaves or joins a household.

Tax credit crunch

Issue 209 (April 2009)
Tax credits were designed to be responsive and flexible, supposedly delivering support to reflect families' current needs and resources. Mark Willis looks at how the system responds to the effects of the recession.

Child benefit: fit for the future

01 August 2006
August 2006 marked the sixtieth anniversary of universal benefits for children in the UK – first family allowances, then child benefit. Support for all children redistributes resources to those with additional costs.

Child benefit and qualifying young persons

Issue 191 (April 2006)
Simon Osborne outlines new rules extending benefit entitlement for families that include a young person.