Extra time to tackle child poverty in Welsh schools

15 December 2021
Last week, the Welsh education minister Jeremy Miles announced a £2 million programme to trial new approaches to the timing of the school day. In the two-year pilot, participating schools will provide learners with the opportunity to take part in music, art, sports, and other activities after core school hours, to build rich social and cultural knowledge. As well as supporting individual children’s health and wellbeing, the policy could also be a powerful way of addressing child poverty in the round.

Tax credits and early years ebulletin December 2021

December 2021
Post Office card accounts, free childcare, free school meals, Scottish child payment bridging payments and more.

30 hours free childcare: term time only workers assessment of income

Calculation of income for term time workers when assessing eligibility for 30 hours free childcare
HMRC v JS, EL and LG [2021] UKUT 264 (AAC) Current status: Upper Tribunal judgment given in claimants’ favour by the Upper Tribunal. The Upper Tribunal in this case gives guidance on how HMRC should calculate the earnings in a period of a term time worker and advises that this should not be done by looking at the wages they receive in a period but rather by looking at the wages they except to receive for work done in a period. This should mean more term time workers on low incomes who are paid a monthly salary should now qualify for 30 hours free childcare. In addition the Upper Tribunal comments that in a case where a parent might be unable to afford childcare and therefore to go to work without access to the 30 hours free childcare then the First-tier Tribunal may need to expedite the appeal. Finally, the Upper Tribunal comments on the fact that such appeals are prospective only but highlights that they can still affect ongoing entitlement and also give access to HMRC's compensation scheme in cases where the appeal succeeds but the appellant has by that time missed out on the free chilcare for a period and had to pay for childcare themselves.

Early learning and childcare – 1,140 hours and beyond MSPs briefing

17 November 2021
On 3rd November, the Scottish Parliament held a debate on childcare, entitled 'Early learning and childcare – 1,140 hours and beyond'. CPAG in Scotland prepared the following briefing for this debate.

London Calling: "Stretched too far"

15 October 2021
This report pulls together the views and experiences shared by parents and young people in the capital during the first year of the London Calling project. It looks at the key barriers to a good quality of life for children and families living on a low income in London in 2021, examines the effect of the pandemic on these barriers, and sets out what CPAG’s panel of low-income parents in London want the future to look like for themselves and their families.

CPAG's submission to the Spending Review

08 October 2021
​​We are making recommendations to the government as part of its Spending Review.

Tax credits and early years ebulletin September 2021

September 2021
£500 tax credtis coronavirus payment, furlough and working tax credit, free childcare for 2 year olds and caselaw on claims

Payments for children in Scotland

16 June 2021
Last few places remain on this course on 22 June

The Cost of a Child in London: help with childcare fees ‘woefully inadequate’

10 June 2021
High childcare costs and failure to uprate support are putting full-time jobs beyond the reach of low-earning London parents who don’t have anyone to provide free childcare, a new report warns.  And a growing number of even part-time jobs won’t make work pay for hard-up Londoners with young children if caps on childcare support in Universal Credit remain frozen while childcare costs continue to rise. 

The Cost of a Child in London

09 June 2021
This report draws on evidence from studies of minimum household costs in London to comment on the size of differences in children’s costs in various categories. This analysis builds on new research on a ‘Minimum Income Standard for London’.