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Talking about Costs and Money at School

Talking about school costs and money can be challenging but doing it well helps to break down financial barriers to education and makes sure families get the support they need.


Talking about Costs and Money at School


When schools communicate well about costs, entitlements and wider financial support, it takes pressure off of families, puts money in their pockets and helps children and young people take part at school. But we know that this isn’t always straightforward.

Together with the National Parent Forum of Scotland, we have brought together experiences and suggestions from over 1800 parents and carers across Scotland into an animation and a practical resource for schools.


Talking about Costs and Money at School resource
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Talking about Costs and Money is split into five simple steps which are all designed to open up or enhance a whole school conversation about costs and money. As well as great advice from parents, the resource contains a range of case studies from schools working hard to get this right for their families.

And, when schools do get this right, parents say:

I feel less embarrassed about financial worries. I am so grateful for this simple but powerful thing: I feel we are not alone.

This helped me apply for free school meals and clothing grants as well as other grants/schemes to help with school costs.

It's the way they talk to you, you don't feel embarrassed or small.

Thank you to all of the parents and carers who took the time to share their thoughts and experiences with us.


Upcoming webinars 

Join us to hear all about the resource and what parents and carers say they want and need when it comes to communication about costs and money in their schools.  

15 June 2021 – 4-5pm - Talking about Costs and Money at School webinar in partnership with Education Scotland   

A session for practitioners and staff across all sectors who have responsibility or are involved in supporting children and families. Find out how taking a few straightforward steps can help your school communicate more effectively with families about help with costs and vital financial support.

Register for the webinar with Education Scotland here. 


23rd June 2021, 10am-11am: Reducing the Cost of Learning and Maximising Family Income  

Hosted by The Improvement Service, this webinar will highlight work taking place at national and local level across Scotland to reduce the cost of education and maximise the household income of families with school age children.

Sara Spencer (Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland) will introduce the Talking about Costs and Money at School resource and animation recently launched by CPAG in Scotland and the National Parent Forum for Scotland.  Gary Devine (Greater Glasgow and Clyde) will give an overview of the Financial Inclusion Support Officer (FISO) role in Glasgow. Audrey Sutton/Cllr Foster (North Ayrshire Council) will discuss the activity of the Cost of the School Day Working Group which is taking a whole-systems, co-production approach

Register - to attend this event, please register via this link.

Inquiries - question can be submitted during the webinar, or you can email them in advance to: [email protected]



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