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2021 titles

PRE-ORDER: Winning Your Benefit Appeal - What you need to know, 4th ed

Back by popular demand, we have updated this sell-out guide to give you all the essential information you need in order to prepare and present a successful appeal at the First-tier Tribunal. 

Disability Rights Handbook, 2021/22

The handbook provides in-depth, comprehensive guidance on the benefits system, explains how social care operates around the UK and includes information about other services and resources for disabled people.

Help with Housing Costs Vol 2: Guide to Housing Benefit 2021/22

This volume covers all the rules for housing benefit for rent payments across the UK. Includes many practical examples and over 80 useful tables for quick reference.

Help with Housing Costs Vol 1: Guide to Universal Credit and Council Tax Rebates 2021/22

This volume covers the rules across the UK for help with personal housing costs available through the Universal Credit, mortgage interest loans, and council tax rebate schemes in Great Britain, and the rate rebate scheme in Northern Ireland.

PRE-ORDER: Social Security Legislation 2021/22, Volume V: Universal Credit

This volume collects together the legislation on universal credit and presents it alongside authoritative and detailed legal analysis of its content.

PRE-ORDER: Social Security Legislation 2021/22, Volume IV: Tax Credits and HMRC-administered Social Security Benefits

This volume is a ‘one-stop shop’ for tax credits, containing the relevant Acts and regulations, administration and procedural issues, and provisions governing tribunals, with commentary.

PRE-ORDER: Social Security Legislation 2021/22, Volume III: Administration, Adjudication and the European Dimension

This volume contains all the material on social security administration and adjudication including European legislation.

PRE-ORDER: Social Security Legislation 2021/22, Volume I: Non-Means-Tested Benefits

This volume covers non-means-tested benefits except for contribution-based jobseeker’s allowance, which is in Volume II.

PRE-ORDER: Personal Independence Payment: what you need to know, 3rd ed

Our popular guide to Personal Independence Payment tells you all you need to know about the benefit in a clear, accessible and easy to follow way.