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Image shows a tablet showing the cover of the Disability Rights Handbook 46th edition

Disability Rights Handbook on AskCPAG

This service includes the full text of the Disability Rights Handbook 2021/22, searchable and linked internally so you can skip to the next piece of relevant information with one mouseclick. It is updated every two months from June 2021 to February 2022 - an invaluable service that means your online Handbook will keep pace with social security reform and changes to the law.
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This subscription is for Citizens Advice Scotland staff/volunteers only.
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AskCPAG Handbook

The new, improved digital version of our flagship Welfare Benefits and Tax Credit Handbook.
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AskCPAG Poverty

This service includes access to our Poverty journal in PDF form, published three times a year.
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AskCPAG Welfare Rights Bulletin

This service includes access to our bi-monthly Bulletin in PDF form - essential reading for welfare rights advisers, lawyers and anyone needing to keep up-to-date with welfare issues.