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Scottish Welfare Fund - more information

01 April 2020

To qualify for a grant from the Scottish Welfare Fund, you must be on a low income or be unable to get access to your money – for example, because you are fleeing domestic abuse. The law and guidance say that:

  • you don't need to be getting benefits or tax credits to qualify for a grant however, if you are on one of the following benefits it is accepted that you have a low income: universal credit; income support; income-based jobseeker's allowance; income-related employment and support allowance or pension credit
  • normally you can't get more than three crisis grants in a 12 month period, but exceptions can be made. During the Covid 19 outbreak, crisis grants should not be limited to three in any 12 month period. See the Scottish Government statement about this here
  • if you're a member of a couple, you can both get at least three crisis grants in a 12 month period
  • the local authority doesn't have to look at an application for something you already applied for within the last 28 days. It doesn't matter whether the application was successful or not. However, if your circumstances have changed since you last applied, the local authority should consider your application
  • you can't get a grant for certain excluded items or expenses

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