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Best start grant legislation and guidance

12 December 2019

Note that an up to date version of the best start grant regulations is not currently available online. The current rates of best start grant payments (for claims from 1 April 2021) are in the 2021 regulations below. Minor changes to the rules have been made by the other regulations listed below, so to understand the current rules, you will need to check the amending regulations.

The best start grant rules have changed since it was introduced in 2018. The early learning and school age payments were introduced in 2019. There have also been changes are to the amounts of benefit, the situations in which a claim is not needed and the residence rules for European nationals.

Read the Early Years Assistance (Best Start Grants) (Scotland) Regulations 2018 on

Read the changes to the rules in the Social Security Co-ordination (EU Exit) (Scotland) (Amendments etc.) Regulations 2020 on

Read the changes to the amounts in the Social Security (Up-rating) (Miscellaneous Amendment) (Scotland) Regulations 2021 on

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