Other ways to reduce your council tax bill

31 July 2019

There are other ways your council tax bill can be reduced. These discounts do not depend on your income. Look on your local authority’s website for how to apply for council tax discounts if someone living in your home (including you):

  • is a full-time student
  • has a ‘severe mental impairment’
  • is a carer
  • is a care leaver aged under 26
  • has a disability that means they use a wheelchair at home or your home has been adapted to make it more suitable
  • someone who has been resettled under certain government schemes (for example after fleeing Afghanistan or Ukraine) and is not paying rent.

For more information about these ways to reduce your council tax, see your local authority’s website. You can find a link to the relevant page on mygov.scot.

Citizen’s Advice Scotland has also produced a tool you can use to check if you may be eligible for a council tax discount.

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