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Scottish welfare rights resources


Financial help in the early years

This factsheet outlines the financial help available from pregnancy to school age.

Prison and universal credit

Your universal credit is affected if you are in prison.

Universal credit

This factsheet provides an overview of universal credit and summarises the main rules affecting claimants.


Tax credits and early years ebulletin

Tax credit and Scottish benefit changes due to coronavirus, school age payment

Tax credits and early years e-bulletin December 2019

Best Start grant statistics, caselaw on child living in another Eu state and how Christmas pay affects UC.


Funeral support payments in Scotland

Alison Gillies describes a planned new Scottish benefit.

A Best Start in Scotland

Mark Willis describes the new maternity grant in Scotland.

The Social Security Act (Scotland) 2018

Kirsty McKechnie describes the provisions in the first legislation passed establishing the Scottish social security system.


Carer's allowance supplement

A top-up payment available to people receiving carer's allowance in Scotland.

Pregnancy and baby payment

Information on the best start grant for pregnant women and families with a new baby in Scotland.

Appeals toolkit

Appeals toolkit: self-help level

This page is intended for unrepresented claimants, or support workers or volunteers who do not specialise in welfare rights.