Children living away from their birth families

Do you
  • Work with kinship carers, foster carers or care experienced young people?
  • Provide support to families where a child is looked after by the local authority?
  • Need to know about the effect on family benefits if a child is in residential care or hospital?

CPAG in Scotland has a dedicated project offering support to anyone working with families and children in these circumstances. We run training courses, publish a specialist handbook and offer advice on the impact on social security benefits, tax credits and local authority support in Scotland.  


Disabled Children and Families

Do you
  • Work with families affected by disabilities?
  • Support disabled children, disabled adults, their families and carers?
  • Deal with questions about income maximisation and benefit entitlement?

CPAG in Scotland’s Disabled children and families project supports all those who work with children, adults and families who are affected by disability. We run training courses, provide information and offer advice on the social security benefits and tax credits that can be claimed by disabled children, disabled adults, their families and carers.


Children's Handbook Scotland

22 October 2021
Print and free online publication on how benefits are affected if a child is living away from their parents in Scotland.

Scottish child payment and kinship carers

This factsheet explains which kinship carers are entitled to Scottish child payment.

Supporting information for Child disability payment claims – suggestions for education staff

Guidance for school staff in Scotland being asked for more information about a pupil’s needs.
Image of Children's handbook Scotland front cover

Children's handbook Scotland

The Children's Handbook Scotland is the comprehensive guide to benefits and tax credits where children are living away from their parents,...

If you are interested in this project and wish to be kept up-to-date with progress, please contact:

Alison Gillies (Children living away from their birth families)
Tel: 0141 548 1056
[email protected]

Moira Escreet (Disabled Children and Families Project)
Tel: 07961662242
[email protected]

This project is funded by the Scottish Government.