Cost of the school day and the benefits system | CPAG

Cost of the school day and the benefits system

This full-day course focuses on child poverty in schools and how to support children and families by reducing costs and maximising incomes. It offers insight from our Cost of the School Day project into common financial barriers for children and young people at school, the impact this has and ways to address them. It will give you an understanding of the benefits system and help you recognise important issues, identify points when a family's entitlement may change and know when to refer for specialist advice. Its focus on universal credit provides practical advice on how you can help families manage claims effectively.

This course covers:

  • An understanding of child poverty and its impact on children and their families
  • Insight into common financial barriers at school and ways to overcome them with the opportunity to reflect on these issues in your own settings
  • An overview of the benefits system with an emphasis on what you can do to help children and families in a school setting
  • Practical tips/advice for supporting families to manage universal credit claims effectively

The course is aimed at anyone working with children and families in schools. No previous knowledge of benefits or Cost of the School Day is required. Contact [email protected] for more information and to book.


Level: Basic

Duration: Full day course