Scottish Campaign on Rights to Social Security

The Scottish Campaign on Rights to Social Security (SCORSS) was set up as the Scottish Campaign on Welfare Reform (SCoWR) in 2006 to highlight the concerns of a coalition of organisations about the UK Government’s welfare reform proposals. Since then, the coalition has informed debates on changes to both UK and Scottish Government policy and influenced the creation of Scotland’s first social security system.

As part of Challenge Poverty week 2019, the campaign has relaunched their vision for social security in the SCORSS Principles for Change.

SCORSS is a diverse coalition of organisations working across Scotland with collective expertise across a range of different aspects of the social security system. Whilst coming from different areas of expertise, all members are united in our belief in a social security system that prevents poverty and supports those in need whilst also protecting their dignity. Any interested organisation or individual is welcome to join. Membership is free and simply involves confirming that you agree with the five principles set out in our Principles for Change. Members are welcome to get involved in the campaign steering group if they have the time and resources to do so. There is more information about the work of the steering group in the Terms of Reference document.

Key documents:

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For more details about SCORSS or if you are interested in joining the campaign contact:

Satwat Rehman
Director, One Parent Families Scotland
[email protected]
Tel: 0131 556 3899

Peter Kelly
Director, The Poverty Alliance
[email protected]
Tel: 0141 353 0440

John Dickie,
Director, CPAG in Scotland
[email protected]
Tel: 0141 552 3656