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High profile of child poverty must be harnessed to transform children's lives

19 September 2014
Responding to the result of Scotland's independence referendum the Director of CPAG in Scotland, John Dickie, said; “The fact that rising child poverty was such a recurring and high profile issue throughout the referendum campaign was hugely welcome, as was the level of public engagement in discussing how we create a fairer Scotland.

The independence referendum: what does it mean for child poverty?

15 September 2014
With just a few days to go before the Scottish independence referendum John Dickie, Director of CPAG in Scotland, highlights how CPAG has informed the terms of debate and argues that the challenge now for anti-poverty campaigners is to ensure that heightened public engagement and concern with child poverty in campaign debates is harnessed for real change, wherever powers end up lying after September 18th.

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10 September 2014