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New factsheets

10 July 2017
We have produced two new factsheets

Reports and articles update

13 June 2017
A selection of interesting Cost of the School Day related reports and articles.

Updated student and benefits factsheets

20 December 2016
We have updated the following factsheets on students and benefits: • Benefits for disabled students• Benefits for young people in further education or training • Parents claiming for young people in further education or training • Benefits and tax credits for students • Employment and support allowance and studying

New child poverty map reveals need for local and national action

08 November 2016
The End Child Poverty coalition has published a new child poverty map covering Scotland and the rest of the UK. The new figures reveal that poverty affects children in every part of Scotland, with as many as 34% of children living in poverty in some local authority areas - compared to one in ten in others (see Table 1 below). Across the UK more than three and a half million children are living in poverty, with 220 000 of them in Scotland.