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Any reduction in Scottish child poverty welcome, but overshadowed by forecasts of massive surge

13 June 2013
Responding to today’s publication of official 2011/12 child poverty statistics for Scotland and the rest of the UK, John Dickie, Head of the CPAG in Scotland, said: “Any reduction in child poverty in 2011/12 is welcome but is overshadowed by frightening Institute for Fiscal Studies forecasts of a massive surge in child poverty as UK tax and benefit changes kick in." Read more

‘’Dire” Scottish child poverty forecast must lead to urgent rethink by UK government and more action in Scotland to protect families

08 May 2013
CPAG in Scotland today responded to the publication of new projections of a massive rise in child poverty in Scotland and across the UK, prepared as part of wider UK forecasts by the Institute for Fiscal Studies. The forecast predicts nearly 30% of Scotland’s children will be living in poverty by 2020, up from the latest official figure of 21%.