Glasgow is the largest and most densely populated city in Scotland with just over 600, 000 citizens. It is the centre of the only metropolitan area in Scotland and the most ethnically diverse city in Scotland.

Glasgow is a city of contrasts: we are the fastest growing major city economy in the UK outside London, almost 50% of the workforce is educated to degree level, employment is rising and educational attainment improves year on year.

Yet significant challenges concerning deprivation and inequality remain and parts of the city still suffer from unacceptable levels of poverty. Around a third of Glasgow’s children live in poverty, higher than the Scottish average of one in four.

That is the context in which Child Poverty Action Group is working with public sector partners and others to develop innovative and effective work to address Glasgow child poverty problem and to document it in Glasgow’s Child Poverty Action Report. The Report has now been published and made available to the Scottish Government, and can be downloaded here.