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The difference Cost of the School Day makes

“The biggest impact for our school, as a result of being involved in the Cost of the School Day project is that it really has made us all stop and think. I cannot emphasise enough that this project is not just an initiative, it is about changing a mindset that will grow and have further impact on the decisions made in our establishment.”

Head Teacher, Glasgow
Taking a Cost of the School Day approach helps schools to mitigate the effects of child poverty by:
  • Ensuring equal access to opportunities at school and removing barriers to learning and participation.
  • Minimising poverty stigma and exclusion.
  • Reducing the pressure which school costs place on low income families.
  • Supporting families to access financial entitlements.
  • Establishing that Pupil Equity Funding is used to remove financial barriers at school.
Schools around Scotland have developed lots of different ways to incorporate Cost of the School Day thinking into their policy and daily practice. Over the next few months we will be sharing more of those with you. You will also find more practice ideas and examples in the 'What's already happening around Scotland' section on this site, in our e-newsletters and on Twitter @CPAGScotland.
Even very small changes can make a huge difference to children and young people and can help to raise attainment, promote inclusion, and bring the school community together.
If your school doesn't already have Cost of the School Day measures in place, we suggest taking a few simple steps at the beginning:
  • Do your groundwork. Set up a working group and raise Cost of the School Day awareness amongst staff.
  • Gather information. Ask children and young people, staff parents and carers about costs and how they might be barriers to learning.
  • Analyse your data. Look at the information you’ve gathered, decide what the main issues are and what you want to prioritise.
  • Take action. Identify actions to take forward and work out a plan.
For more information on Cost of the School Day and how it might work for your school community, you can download Child Poverty Action in Scotland’s Cost of the School Day Toolkit, or get in touch with the Cost of the School Day team by emailing [email protected].
Cost of the School Day is recommended as an Intervention for Equity in the Pupil Equity Funding National Operational Guidance, as a priority in the Scottish Government's Fairer Scotland Action Plan and as a key theme in the Scottish Government's Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan 2018-22 

Unequal access to learning and opportunities at school means unequal outcomes for our children. It is crucial that every child is able to make the most of their school day. Let’s make that happen.