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Overpayments and recovery – Secretary of State waiver

Issue 190 (February 2006)
Sarah Clarke describes DWP guidance on when recovery of a benefit overpayment might be waived.

New rights of residence for EU nationals

Issue 190 (February 2006)
Pamela Fitzpatrick gives an overview of the new EC Residence Directive. A more detailed analysis of this Directive will follow in the next edition of the Welfare Rights Bulletin.

Obituary of Harriett C Wilson

Issue 113 (Autumn 2002)
Dr Harriett C Wilson, the founder of CPAG, died on 14 July 2002 at the age of 85 after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for many years. She organised the meeting to campaign against family poverty and set up a pressure group, on 5 March 1965, from which it grew.

How Child Poverty Action Group came into being

Issue 113 (Autumn 2002)
In the decade preceding the birth of CPAG a number of studies appeared in the fields of sociology and socio-medical research which contained information about poverty among old people, widows and lone mothers, and about malnutrition