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Celebrating sixty years of the welfare state?

Issue 131 (Autumn 2008)
In the recent celebrations of the sixtieth anniversary of the implementation of the majority of Beveridge’s welfare state reforms, the National Insurance Acts and the National Assistance Act, which together introduced a nationwide system of national insurance and a means-tested safety net, seem to have been forgotten.

Unjust rewards

Issue 131 (Autumn 2008)
After months of persuasion and with great difficulty, Polly Toynbee and David Walker managed to assemble focus groups of some of the country’s highest earners.

Who is fuel poor?

Issue 131 (Autumn 2008)
By June 2008 the domestic fuel commodity price index had increased by 51 per cent from 2005, more than five times the rate of general inflation.

Calculating ESA

Issue 205 (August 2008)
The amount of employment and support allowance (ESA) a claimant is entitled to depends upon a number of factors, including whether the claimant is: single or part of a couple; in receipt of certain benefits; entitled to income-related and/or contributory ESA; and/or still in the initial assessment phase. Edward Graham explains how much ESA a claimant may be entitled to.

Inspecting the inspectors (2008)

Issue 204 (June 2008)
In the latest of an occasional series of articles on the decisions of social fund inspectors, David Simmons considers some recent cases about capital, repeat applications and budgeting loans.

The work capability assessment

Issue 204 (June 2008)
Simon Osborne describes the new test for Employment and Support Allowance of whether someone is too ill to work.

Poverty and the child's world: assessing children's needs

Issue 129 (Winter 2008)
Poverty in a child’s life is the result of specific social and economic circumstances, which are always interrelated and complex.

Child poverty and well-being in the here and now

Issue 129 (Winter 2008)
Since New Labour pledged to eliminate child poverty by 2020, a myriad of policy changes have been made to address the problems associated with poverty and deprivation during childhood.

Tax credits: changes and performance

Issue 201 (February 2008)
Nearly five years on, and the tax credits scheme still appears to be a work in progress. Mark Willis looks at some of the latest changes and performance.