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Help with childcare costs in universal credit

Issue 267 (December 2018)
Dan Norris reviews the main rules on childcare costs in universal credit.

Rough justice: problems with universal credit assessment periods

Poverty 161 (Winter 2018)
One in twenty universal credit cases submitted to CPAG’s Early Warning System to date relates to a problem with the way in which people’s income and circumstances are assessed on a strict monthly basis. Josephine Tucker discusses some of the problems which can arise, and provides possible solutions.

Welfare reform summit

Poverty 161 (Winter 2018)
In April this year Staffordshire University hosted a welfare reform summit, funded by the Social Policy Association and delivered in partnership with CPAG and the Centre for Health and Development.

Pension credit: amounts for children

Issue 266 (October 2018)
From next February, amounts for children can be included in pension credit where relevant rules are satisfied, as described here by Simon Osborne.

Universal credit and free school meals

Issue 266 (October 2018)
Mark Willis reviews how universal credit (UC) can give entitlement to free school meals.

Editorial: Poverty 161

Poverty 161 (Winter 2018)
What would it take to reverse child poverty increases in the next Budget?

Getting poverty statistics right

Poverty 161 (Winter 2018)
Poverty statistics are important. They help us know where progress is being made – or lost – and hold politicians to account.

Bereavement and children: unequal no more?

Issue 266 (October 2018)
Carla Clarke looks at a recent Supreme Court decision regarding bereavement benefits and the children of unmarried parents.

PIP guidance round-up

Issue 266 (October 2018)
Ed Pybus summarises recent official guidance concerning personal independence payment (PIP) in the light of recent caselaw and DWP announcements about PIP reviews for severe health conditions.

UC and disability

Issue 265 (August 2018)
Simon Osborne reviews some of the main features of universal credit (UC) for claimants with a disability.