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IS and incapacity for work

Issue 212 (October 2009)
Martin Williams looks at DMG Memo 30/09 and the possibility of retaining IS on the basis of incapacity post employment and support allowance (ESA).

The costs of compliance

Issue 134 (Autumn 2009)
Claimants of benefits and tax credits incur a range of costs. These include financial costs, as well as the time and psychological impact associated with making a claim and meeting the various requirements imposed by the Government.

Tackling in-work poverty

Issue 134 (Autumn 2009)
A few years ago, the concept of ‘in-work poverty’ was relatively unheard of. When the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) first report on the subject was published in early 2007, the simple statistic that nearly half of all poor children lived in working families was enough to make headlines in nearly every national newspaper.

Substantial risk' and incapacity / limited capability for work

Issue 211 (August 2009)
A recent court decision has resolved conflicting case law on the interpretation of the 'substantial risk' rule, which applies to the assessments for incapacity for work (the personal capability assessment) and limited capability for work (the work capability assessment). Simon Osborne explains.

Tax Credits: ‘technical overpayments’ and ‘offsetting’

Issue 211 (August 2009)
David Simmons examines the current state of play on the recurring issue of tax credits overpayments which arise when a partner leaves or joins a household.

Remembering Peter Townsend

Issue 133 (Summer 2009)
Obituary of Peter Townsend, one of CPAG's founders and our president, born 6 April 1928, died 7 June 2009.

Child poverty and child wellbeing

Issue 133 (Summer 2009)
Enhancing children's lives and improving child wellbeing should be the central objective of any children's policy. But what do we mean by 'wellbeing'?

Transmitting deprivation? The media and public attitudes towards poverty

Issue 133 (Summer 2009)
Poverty in the UK does not appear to be a priority issue for the mainstream UK media, and the picture of poverty the media does provide is skewed towards certain issues and representations.

Incapacity to limited capability

Issue 210 (June 2009)
Martin Williams looks at the benefit options for existing claimants of income support (IS) or incapacity benefit (IB) who are found capable of work.

Child wellbeing and income inequality in rich countries

Issue 133 (Summer 2009)
The wellbeing and behaviour of young people have recently attracted more than the usual negative attention from the media, policy and law.