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Child benefits in the European Union

Issue 139 (Summer 2011)
The future of a universal child benefit in the UK is currently under threat. Here Jonathan Bradshaw looks at how the UK compares with other European Union countries in its provision of child benefits and asks what the introduction of a means test will mean for families.

Trying to get by: children and young people talk about poverty

Issue 139 (Summer 2011)
What does poverty mean for the children and young people themselves? Why are their voices missing from the current debate?

Migration, migrants and child poverty

Issue 139 (summer 2011)
Although international migration has always been a feature of national life, this aspect of population change has increased over the last twenty years.  While many migrant families have a reasonable income and a few are very prosperous, migrant children are disproportionally represented among children living in poverty.

Can welfare reform work?

Issue 139 (Summer 2011)
Since the late 1990s, successive governments have engaged in the process of welfare reform. A cross-party consensus has emerged, which prioritises moving benefit recipients into work and increasing the role of private and voluntary providers in delivering employment services.

Welfare benefits, housing and social services

Issue 138 (Spring 2011)
Ignorance on the part of central and local government officials, exacerbated by the pressure of budget constraints, make migrants and their families particularly vulnerable to being unlawfully refused access to welfare benefits, housing and social services.

The health and healthcare of vulnerable migrant children

Issue 138 (Spring 2011)
Many different groups of migrant children may be at particular risk of poor health and limited access to healthcare.

Destitution among refugee and asylum-seeking children

Issue 138 (Spring 2011)
Fleeing from persecution to seek protection in a different country places already vulnerable families in a precarious position.

Employment and migrant poverty

Issue 138 (Spring 2011)
The issue of migrant poverty and employment is complex and migrants’ experiences in the UK differ enormously.

The impact of poverty on the educational experiences of migrant children

Issue 138 (Spring 2011)
Although migrants are a diverse group in terms of their employment and earnings, their children are disproportionally represented among those living in poverty in the UK. Poverty impacts on migrant children’s educational outcomes, but also on their social experiences at school.

Incapacity to ESA: transfer and reassessment

Issue 221 (April 2011)
Simon Osborne reviews the rules under which most existing claims of benefit on the basis of incapacity for work are being transferred to claims for employment and support allowance (ESA), with entitlement reassessed.