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Never the twain shall meet? ESA medical reports and DLA decision making

Issue 226 (February 2012)
David Simmons considers the legalities of the DWP and tribunals relying on ESA85 medical reports when making DLA decisions.

Escalating conditionality

Issue 225 (December 2011)
David Simmons describes the new conditionality regime for benefit claimants provided for in the Welfare Reform Bill 2011.

Housing benefit challenge rejected

Issue 225 (December 2011)
Sarah Clarke explains the options for claimants who are affected by the April 2011 changes to the housing benefit (HB) scheme it the light of the Court’s decision in CPAG v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions [2011] EWHC 2616 (Admin).

EU co-ordination of social security

Issue 225 (December 2011)
Sarah Clarke provides an update on some European Union co-ordination issues.

EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: the dog that hasn’t barked...yet

Issue 225 (December 2011)
Graham Tegg considers whether a possible new approach to an existing piece of European Union (EU) law may be of assistance to claimants faced with negative right to reside decisions.

Universal credit: the gender impact

Issue 140 (Autumn 2011)
The government’s plans to introduce a new universal credit are intended to improve work incentives and simplify a complex benefits system, but may work against its duty to promote gender equality.

Riots, redistribution and reparation

Issue 140 (Autumn 2011)
Many people have asked why a tiny proportion of (mostly) young people rioted this summer. They have also questioned the part that rising inequalities could have played in making many people poor and some angry.

End of a Faustian pact: workfare and riots

Issue 140 (Autumn 2011)
During the past three decades, Guy Standing argues, politicians struck a Faustian pact. In return for ‘labour market flexibility’, government would top up declining wages through subsidies and tax credits and redirect social protection from an emphasis on social solidarity and social insurance to means-tested social assistance.

Labour market conditions and jobseeker’s allowance

Issue 224 (October 2011)
Beth Lakhani and Edward Graham examine the labour market conditions for jobseeker’s allowance (JSA), when and how the requirement to be actively seeking work and available for work applies and what flexibilities are built into the rules.

Tribunal rules round-up

Issue 224 (October 2011)
Simon Osborne considers some of the recent caselaw concerning tribunals and in particular the application of the Tribunal Rules.