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UC child elements and child benefit

Issue 268 (February 2019)
Henri Krishna takes a look at the relationship, both real and imagined, between the child element in universal credit and child benefit

A Best Start in Scotland

Issue 268 (February 2019)
Mark Willis describes the new maternity grant in Scotland.

Social security and domestic abuse

Issue 268 (February 2019)
Kirsty McKechnie describes a report from CPAG’s Early Warning System with some urgent concerns regarding claimants who have been subject to domestic abuse.

Poverty and children’s wellbeing at 14 years old

Poverty 162 (Winter 2019)
It is well established that children who live in low-income families have poorer than average cognitive and emotional development, educational attainment and physical health. Less is known about the possible cumulative impacts of persistent poverty during childhood on later outcomes, particularly in adolescence, and the links between other forms of poverty and child wellbeing. Gwyther Rees addresses these gaps.

Budget and benefits

Issue 267 (December 2018)
The 2018 Budget included some changes to universal credit (UC). It also announced other social security changes. Jon Shaw describes the plans.

Defective claims revisited

Issue 267 (December 2018)
Martin Williams provides an update to the article in Bulletin 262, ‘Universal credit: defective claims and withdrawals’.

UC and the WCA – some questions and answers

Issue 267 (December 2018)
Simon Osborne answers some common questions about universal credit (UC) and the work capability assessment (WCA).

Help with childcare costs in universal credit

Issue 267 (December 2018)
Dan Norris reviews the main rules on childcare costs in universal credit.

Rough justice: problems with universal credit assessment periods

Poverty 161 (Winter 2018)
One in twenty universal credit cases submitted to CPAG’s Early Warning System to date relates to a problem with the way in which people’s income and circumstances are assessed on a strict monthly basis. Josephine Tucker discusses some of the problems which can arise, and provides possible solutions.

Welfare reform summit

Poverty 161 (Winter 2018)
In April this year Staffordshire University hosted a welfare reform summit, funded by the Social Policy Association and delivered in partnership with CPAG and the Centre for Health and Development.