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Vulnerable tribunals?

Issue 272 (October 2019)
Martin Williams considers the implications of a recent Upper Tribunal decision concerning the treatment of ‘vulnerable adults’ by the First-tier Tribunal.

The transitional SDP amount

Issue 272 (October 2019)
Owen Stevens considers new rules providing extra amounts of universal credit (UC) to certain severely disabled claimants who have undergone ‘natural’ migration to UC from legacy benefits.

UC managed migration rules

Issue 272 (October 2019)
Simon Osborne looks at rules regarding piloting of ‘managed’ migration to universal credit (UC).

Editorial: Poverty 164

Poverty 164 (Autumn 2019)
A new vision for social security

Welfare reform mitigation in Northern Ireland

Poverty 164 (Autumn 2019)
Eileen Evason and Kevin Higgins report on the welfare reform mitigation programme, designed to lessen the impact of some of the harshest aspects of the system in Northern Ireland.

Participatory budgeting

Poverty 164 (Autumn 2019)
Participatory budgeting involves engaging citizens in a community-based approach to the allocation of public money. In this article, Rosie Ilett and Richard Brunner describe a recent participatory budgeting exercise in Glasgow, in which residents in an East End neighbourhood voted on how to spend £205,000 of council funds to reduce child poverty.

The impact of the Youth Obligation

Poverty 164 (Autumn 2019)
The Youth Obligation is the government’s flagship youth employability programme, designed to support young people aged 18 to 21 making a new universal credit claim into employment, work related training or an apprenticeship.

The benefit cap: the limits of legal challenge

Issue 164 (Autumn 2019)
Welfare rights advisers use the law on a daily basis to challenge decisions on social security benefits and to ensure their clients receive their legal entitlement. However, there are occasions when what needs to be challenged is not a decision which has not been taken in accordance with the existing law, but rather the law itself.

Housing benefit suspensions

Issue 272 (October 2019)
Jon Shaw looks at when housing benefit (HB) awards can (and cannot) be suspended and then terminated.

Appeals and DWP delays

Issue 271 (August 2019)
Advisers are reporting delays in receiving DWP submissions. Ed Pybus looks into the issue.