Press release

New analysis: 1.8m households on universal credit have benefit deductions

17 May 2022
An estimated 1.8 million households on universal credit (UC) are having to live on significantly less than they are entitled to because the DWP is deducting debt repayments from their benefits at an unaffordable rate, according to new CPAG estimates.   There are an estimated 2 million children in these households. 

CPAG's response to the Queen's Speech

10 May 2022
With 38 bills but no direct help with spiralling costs, this speech was a far cry from what struggling families needed to hear today. Government offered no short term comfort for parents struggling to feed their kids in the face of rocketing prices, and no long term vision for ending child poverty.

New analysis: families hit by two-child limit face additional £900-plus shortfall this year as costs spiral

06 April 2022
Three-child families affected by the two-child limit face an extra shortfall in meeting the cost of raising their children of £938 this year because benefits are lagging behind the surging cost of living and they are only getting support for two children through universal credit, new Child Poverty Action Group analysis finds. The shortfall for families with more than three children affected by the policy will be greater.

Nearly 2 million children living in households with deductions taken from their benefits

01 April 2022
Child Poverty Action Group is calling for an end to the five-week wait for universal credit (UC) in light of new data showing that 1.93 million children live in households having debt deductions taken from their UC. More than half (53%) of all children in households receiving UC are affected by these benefit deductions.

Campaigners respond to latest government child poverty data: “ another stark reminder of the urgent need to support family incomes”

31 March 2022
Child poverty campaigners today responded to the publication of the latest official child poverty data at UK and Scotland level.

Official poverty statistics: Government pulled children out of poverty - but universal credit cut will push them back again

31 March 2022
Today’s annual poverty statistics show an estimated 400,000 children were pulled out of poverty last year when universal credit (UC) was increased by £20 per week. But the Government’s decision to cut UC last October will have pushed those children back into poverty. On top of the Chancellor’s failure to bring benefits in line with inflation from April, families in poverty will suffer even more as costs soar.

Children in poverty missing out on fun events and special occasions at school, new report finds

28 March 2022
Children from poorer families are unable to make the most of school life and take part in special activities and events due to cost, our new report has found.

Further increase to Scottish child payment 'hugely welcome'

24 March 2022
John Dickie responds to the Scottish Government's new child poverty delivery plan

Chancellor fails the children who need him the most

23 March 2022
John Dickie responds to the Chancellor's Spring Statement

Spring statement: Chancellor fails the children who needed him the most

23 March 2022
Benefits must be brought in line with inflation. Our response to the Spring Statement.