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Response to Scottish Government on passported benefits

01 October 2012
In many cases, including that of free school lunch entitlement, we believe the optimum approach is to remove means testing altogether as the most effective way to meet the principles of simplification and making work pay. Whilst political realities may make it difficult to deliver universal provision immediately we argue government should work toward a universal approach, paid for through redistributive taxation, so that as resources can be prioritised further progress can be made. Read our response here.

Nick Clegg announces 'catch up' premium in his party conference speech

26 September 2012
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced the creation of a 'catch up' premium to help struggling children in the transition from primary to secondary school.

Children and Young People Bill consultation

26 September 2012

“Money for vital social fund lifeline woefully inadequate,” say anti-poverty campaigners

17 September 2012
John Dickie, Head of CPAG in Scotland called on the Scottish Government to use its budget to compensate for UK-wide cuts to crisis welfare payments in response to reports on Sunday 16th September that a woefully inadequate amount of money is set to be transferred to the Scottish Government by the UK DWP to replace a vital lifeline for some of Scotland's worst off families.

Why we should help parents with the cost of children

04 September 2012
Our new report The Cost of a Child in the Twenty-First Century reveals how life changes profoundly as a result of having children.

New CPAG report on Cost of a Child

03 September 2012
Today we have published new research on the Cost of a Child. It is the first time research has been published to provide a robust analysis of how much it costs to provide children with a minimum level of participation in society, as well as meeting basic needs like food, clothes and shelter.

Benefits for disabled children e-bulletin: July 2012

17 July 2012

Judicial review win on child poverty strategy

17 July 2012
The government acted unlawfully in its failure to establish a Child Poverty Commission to advise on its child poverty strategy, the High Court has ruled today in a successful judicial review brought by CPAG.

Further comments on the Scottish Community Support Fund proposals

29 June 2012

Briefing from CPAG in Scotland and Poverty Alliance Stage 3 Debate: Welfare Reform (Further Provision) (Scotland) Bill

29 June 2012