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Jamie Oliver on 'Money Saving Meals'

27 August 2013
TV chef Jamie Oliver, in an interview with the Radio Times, made a number of comments on the eating and spending habits of low income families. 

Poverty in Scotland updated summary briefing August 2013

21 August 2013

CPAG publish Cost of a Child 2013

16 August 2013
A new report published today by Child Poverty Action Group, with co-funding from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, has found that the minimum costs needed for a decent childhood have risen 4% in the last year.

CPAG complaint wins BBC Trust ruling on controversial benefits broadcast

30 July 2013
Following a complaint by CPAG, the BBC Trust has ruled that the programme The Future State of Welfare with John Humphrys, broadcast in October 2011, breached accuracy and impartiality rules.

CPAG publishes cost of child poverty in every local authority and constituency

18 July 2013

New CPAG report and data on local authorities and child poverty

18 July 2013
We have published data showing the cost of child poverty in local areas around the UK, and a new report to help local authorities with their child poverty strategies.

Announcing our first ever charity Ambassadors

17 July 2013
Get to know our three new Ambassadors and find out why they have chosen to support us.

Latest e-news from CPAG in Scotland

02 July 2013

Spending Review reaction from CPAG

26 June 2013
The Chancellor George Osborne announced spending proposals for the year 2015/16 this afternoon. CPAG is deeply alarmed at cuts to benefits for jobseekers that will mean more of them are sent to foodbanks almost as a matter of policy.

New elearning courses from CPAG in Scotland

25 June 2013