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CPAG's response to call for evidence by JCHR on the Welfare Reform and Work Bill 2015

23 November 2015
CPAG has responded to a call for evidence by the Joint Committee on Human Rights on the Welfare Reform and Work Bill 2015

Lords' briefing on tax credit statutory instrument

26 October 2015
This briefing explains the impact of the government's plans to cut tax credits on working families and child poverty. CPAG is opposed to cuts to tax credits because they will damage work incentives and increase child poverty.

Fairer Scotland - Future Social Security Powers Consultation

02 October 2015

CPAG's response to Work and Pensions Committee inquiry into benefit delivery

02 October 2015
CPAG has responded to the Work and Pensions Committee inquiry into benefit delivery.

Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill - Stage 2

29 September 2015

CPAG in Scotland Briefing for MPs in advance of Child Poverty Debate

14 September 2015

Hard Work: parental employment in London

02 September 2015
Hard Work looks at what is happening with parental employment in London. It finds that mothers in couples in London are significantly less likely to be working than their counterparts elsewhere. While employment rates amongst lone parents has risen significantly over recent years and looks set to catch up to the national rate, the gap between the UK and London for mothers in couples shows no sign of decreasing.

CPAG response to the consultation on the Scottish welfare fund

01 September 2015

CPAG consultation response on the Scottish Welfare Fund

01 September 2015

CPAG briefing to the Welfare Reform Committee on use of future powers

01 September 2015