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Response to the Local Government and Regeneration Committee Call for Evidence on 14/15 Draft Budget

09 October 2013

Submission to the Work and Pensions Committee inquiry into housing costs support

07 October 2013
The Work and Pensions Committee is currently undertaking an inquiry into provision of support to meet housing costs in the reformed welfare system.

Childcare and maternal employment in London

17 September 2013
The number of mums who work in London is significantly below the national average and is a strong explanatory factor for the high rates of child poverty in the capital.

Poverty in Scotland updated summary briefing August 2013

21 August 2013

Poverty in Scotland updated summary August 2013

21 August 2013

Submission to Greater London Authority on Low Pay and London Living Wage

14 August 2013
CPAG sets out our views on how to tackle low pay and encourage take up of the London Living Wage in a submission to the Greater London Authority's economy committee.

Benefit cap Freedom of Information request

31 July 2013
According to the government, the benefit cap will ensure that families claiming out of work benefits receive no more in support that the average working household

The financial cost of child poverty

22 July 2013

Local Authorities and Child Poverty: balancing threats and opportunities

17 July 2013
This report outlines the impact of welfare reforms on local authorities – including the costs to local areas of child poverty - and explores how they and their partner organisations manage the impact of these reforms.

Missing potential: why the European funds should be used to support parental employment in London

21 June 2013
London has the highest child poverty rates in the country, and the lowest rates of mothers employment.