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CPAG in Scotland Response to Glasgow City Council Consultation on Breakfast Club Provision in Primary Schools

13 May 2015

Briefing on trends in the cost of essentials and support for living costs

24 March 2015
Families across the country are suffering a double whammy of falling benefits and the rising cost of essentials.

SCoWR response to Smith Commission Call for Evidence

03 February 2015

Discretionary housing payments policy note

30 January 2015
This policy note considers the role that discretionary housing payments (DHPs) have played over the last four years in mitigating the impact of ‘welfare reform’.

Submission to Work & Pensions Committee inquiry into benefit sanctions

23 December 2014
The Work and Pensions Committee is currently undertaking an inquiry into benefit sanctions policy, considering aspects of sanctions policy which were outside the remit of the Oakley Review.

Latest reports on the impact of benefit sanctions

22 December 2014
Reports from various organisations on the impact of benefit sanctions.

CPAG's response to SSAC inquiry into ESA 'loopholes'

19 December 2014
CPAG has responded to the Social Security Advisory Committee (SSAC) consultation on the government's proposal to close a 'loophole' in Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) repeat claims.

CPAG in Scotland briefing on the Welfare Funds (Scotland) Bill - Stage 1 Debate

18 December 2014

CPAG's submission to the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Hunger and Food Poverty in Britain

02 December 2014
In June this year Child Poverty Action Group submitted evidence to the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Hunger and Food Poverty in Britain chaired by Frank Field MP.

Uprating and the value of children’s benefits: Policy note December 2014

01 December 2014
This policy note considers the effect that uprating decisions have had on the real value of children’s benefits over the course of this parliament.