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Poverty journal

Our journal aims to stimulate debate about the nature, causes and consequences of child poverty in the UK, and potential solutions. 

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Tackling in-work poverty

Issue 134 (Autumn 2009)
A few years ago, the concept of ‘in-work poverty’ was relatively unheard of. When the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) first report on the subject was published in early 2007, the simple statistic that nearly half of all poor children lived in working families was enough to make headlines in nearly every national newspaper.

Remembering Peter Townsend

Issue 133 (Summer 2009)
Obituary of Peter Townsend, one of CPAG's founders and our president, born 6 April 1928, died 7 June 2009.

Child poverty and child wellbeing

Issue 133 (Summer 2009)
Enhancing children's lives and improving child wellbeing should be the central objective of any children's policy. But what do we mean by 'wellbeing'?

Transmitting deprivation? The media and public attitudes towards poverty

Issue 133 (Summer 2009)
Poverty in the UK does not appear to be a priority issue for the mainstream UK media, and the picture of poverty the media does provide is skewed towards certain issues and representations.

Child wellbeing and income inequality in rich countries

Issue 133 (Summer 2009)
The wellbeing and behaviour of young people have recently attracted more than the usual negative attention from the media, policy and law.

Recession: a major threat to tackling poverty

Issue 132 (Winter 2009)
How will the current downturn in the labour market affect poverty? Adrian Sinfield looks back at previous recessions and asks what can be learnt in order to prevent a similar rise in poverty to that seen in the 1980s.

A decade of debt: lessons for the future

Issue 132 (Winter 2009)
Over the last few months we have seen the gathering clouds of what could proved to be a deep recession.

Social mobility in the UK: what does the evidence tell us?

Issue 132 (Winter 2009)
In November 2008 the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit asserted that recent research demonstrated that government policy was improving social mobility in the UK.

Celebrating sixty years of the welfare state?

Issue 131 (Autumn 2008)
In the recent celebrations of the sixtieth anniversary of the implementation of the majority of Beveridge’s welfare state reforms, the National Insurance Acts and the National Assistance Act, which together introduced a nationwide system of national insurance and a means-tested safety net, seem to have been forgotten.

Unjust rewards

Issue 131 (Autumn 2008)
After months of persuasion and with great difficulty, Polly Toynbee and David Walker managed to assemble focus groups of some of the country’s highest earners.