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Poverty journal

Our journal aims to stimulate debate about the nature, causes and consequences of child poverty in the UK, and potential solutions. 

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Work: the best route out of poverty?

Issue 137 (Autumn 2010)
Ever since New Labour first set the welfare reform bandwagon in motion in 2006, the mantra of work has been used by all sides of the political spectrum as ‘proof’ that the benefits system is in need of large-scale reform.

What should be done next?

Issue 136 (Summer 2010)
Child poverty is not a discrete social problem that can be eradicated without tackling wider inequalities of income and wealth.

Mind the gap: New Labour’s legacy on child poverty

Issue 136 (Summer 2010)
"What have the Romans ever done for us?" asked the People’s Front of Judea in the Life of Brian’s fictional recording of ungrateful subjects ignoring their rulers’ largesse.

The child poverty strategy: what worked?

Issue 136 (Summer 2010)
Over the past decade, the UK has embarked on an ambitious effort to end child poverty. Jane Waldfogel has tracked the progress of the initiative and reports on it in her new book, Britain’s War on Poverty.

Child poverty: political consensus or electoral battleground?

Issue 135 (Winter 2010)
There is now a political consensus now exists that high levels of child poverty in the UK are unacceptable.

A false economy: undervaluing childcare

Issue 135 (Winter 2010)
The provision of high-quality, affordable and accessible childcare lies at the heart of the Government’s child poverty strategy. And yet childcare as a profession is undervalued.

Supporting families

Issue 135 (Winter 2010)
Supporting the family is key to both the Government’s and the Conservatives’ approach to eradicating child poverty, and is one of the major issues on which the election is likely to be fought.

Obituary: Sir Henry Hodge

Issue 134 (Autumn 2009)
Obituary of Sir Henry Hodge, 12 January 1944 – 18 June 2009, by Roger Smith, Director, JUSTICE ​​​​​​​

The Child Poverty Bill: a guide

Issue 134 (Autumn 2009)
The Child Poverty Bill was first announced by Gordon Brown in September 2008, and introduced to Parliament in July 2009.

The costs of compliance

Issue 134 (Autumn 2009)
Claimants of benefits and tax credits incur a range of costs. These include financial costs, as well as the time and psychological impact associated with making a claim and meeting the various requirements imposed by the Government.