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House of Lords debates on Universal Credit and benefit freeze

10 November 2017
Read our briefing for Peers in advance of two debates in the House of Lords on Thursday, 16th November: Debate: Impact of Universal Credit on claimants; Short debate: Inflation impact on families affected by benefit freeze

Briefing Note for Stage Three - Child Poverty (Scotland) Bill

03 November 2017
This briefing note sets out CPAG in Scotland's strong support for the Child Poverty (Scotland) Bill which introduces child poverty reduction targets which must be reached by 2030.

Challenges of Poverty: Parents' Voices

20 October 2017
This Early Warning System short report is published as part of Challenge Poverty Week 2017 to highlight, through the experiences of low income families, and in their words, how poverty and welfare changes impact on child and family wellbeing.

Opposition Day Debate: Pause and fix of roll-out of Universal Credit briefing for MPs

18 October 2017
Read our briefing for MPs in advance of the Opposition Day Debate: Pause and fix of roll-out of Universal Credit, after Prime Minister’s Questions, Wednesday 18th October 2017.

Briefing Note for MSPs - Scottish Government Debate on roll out of universal credit

02 October 2017
CPAG in Scotland have produced a briefing note for MSPs for the Scottish Government debate on Tuesday 3 October on Roll Out of Universal Credit.

Still Too Poor to Pay - Council Tax Support in London - 2017/18 Update

01 September 2017
After producing three previous reports on the impact of the localisation of council tax benefit in London, Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) and Zacchaeus 2000 Trust (Z2K) have continued to monitor developments in 2017/18.

Alternatives to Cash - Social Security (Scotland) Bill - Briefing

21 August 2017
Other than in carefully defined and restricted circumstances, all social security benefits should be delivered in cash rather than in kind.

Redeterminations and appeals - Social Security (Scotland) Bill - Briefing

21 August 2017
This briefing looks at the new approach of redeterminations and appeals outlined in the Social Security (Scotland) Bill and how far it improves on the current system of mandatory reconsideration (MR).

Child Poverty (Scotland) Bill - Stage Two Briefing Note

22 June 2017
This briefing note was sent to members of the Scottish Social Security Committee ahead of the Stage Two consideration of the Child Poverty (Scotland) Bill on Thursday 22 June.

Election 2017 manifesto

04 May 2017
Today, children are already twice as likely to be poor as pensioners. According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, child poverty is set to soar to 5.1 million children by 2022 – a 42 per cent rise over ten years.