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Reducing the cost of the school day in Wales | Lleihau cost y diwrnod ysgol yng Nghymru

16 March 2022
Schools across Wales are working hard to ensure the inclusion and participation of children from low-income families. However, this briefing highlights areas repeatedly brought up by children, their families and by school staff as barriers that prevent learners from taking part, feeling happy and being able to make the most of the school day.

CPAG's response to proposed Human Rights Act reforms

10 March 2022
We have responded to the government's consultation on reforming the Human Rights Act.

The Cost of the School Day in England: Pupils' Perspectives

01 March 2022
This report focuses on the UK Cost of the School Day project's research so far in England. It highlights some of the positive work being carried out by schools to ensure that opportunities are affordable and inclusive, while also drawing attention to the multitude of ways that pupils from low-income families face exclusion and stigma.​

Making Adjustments? The experiences of universal credit claimants with mental health problems

24 February 2022
We undertook research to find out whether the DWP is meeting the needs of people with mental health problems and making adjustments to their service as required by law. UC was promoted in its early stages as a personalised service, providing support to meet people’s needs. We wanted to find out whether it has lived up to this ambition.

Nothing left to cut back: rising living costs and universal credit

15 February 2022
New statistics out today show that in November 2021, 3.6 million children were in families relying on universal credit (UC). With prices set to rise at twice the rate of benefits, these families and others receiving benefits face a real-terms cut to their income.

Covid Realities: documenting life on a low income during the pandemic

24 January 2022
The Covid Realities research programme documented the everyday experiences of families with children living on a low income during the pandemic across the UK. This final report summarises the evidence.

The cost of a child in 2021

13 December 2021
Child Poverty Action Group’s annual cost of a child report looks at how much it costs families to provide a minimum socially acceptable standard of living for their children. Since 2012, this report series has systematically monitored the minimum cost of a child. This report updates those calculations for 2021 and outlines the factors affecting the latest figures. The total cost of raising a child to the age of 18 now stands at £160,692 for a couple and £193,801 for a lone parent.

Disabled young learners locked out of universal credit

08 December 2021
New regulations will come into force on 15 December 2021 that further restrict access to universal credit (UC) for disabled young people in education. This contradicts government policy to support disabled people ‘to live independently and achieve their potential’ by making it harder for them to advance their skills or in some cases complete basic education.

Transforming social security: How do we provide secure futures for children and families?

03 December 2021
Our Secure Futures for Children and Families project asks the question: What does a social security system that provides a secure future for children and families look like? Through a programme of roundtable events with different audiences, four citizens’ juries, and a series of written contributions, we have explored this question in detail. This report brings together what we learned from these activities.

Policy briefing – The problem with universal credit’s assessment periods and how to fix it

22 November 2021
UC claimants paid weekly, two-weekly or four-weekly sometimes receive an additional pay cheque in a single UC assessment period. This causes the claimant’s UC award to drop significantly even when there is no change in their circumstances. CPAG frequently hears from working claimants struggling to manage financially because their UC income is so volatile.