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Joint Briefing: Report and Third Reading of the Welfare Reform Bill

03 February 2012
CPAG is part of an consortium of leading organisations with expertise in the UK welfare system, who work to support clients and reduce poverty. We have come together to influence the Bill as it passes through Parliament.

Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill Second Reading CPAG briefing paper

03 February 2012
The Ministry of Justice plans to "save" £22 million by removing welfare benefits matters from the scope of legal aid funding.

Legal Aid – benefits advice reduces poverty amongst disabled children

01 February 2012
This short briefing explains how removing legal aid for welfare benefits advice will increase already high levels of poverty amongst disabled children and adults.

Child benefit: fit for the future

01 August 2006
August 2006 marked the sixtieth anniversary of universal benefits for children in the UK – first family allowances, then child benefit. Support for all children redistributes resources to those with additional costs.