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Free school meals: third of kids in poverty miss out

19 July 2023
There is only one part of the school day that is means-tested – lunchtime. We believe that all school children should be offered a balanced and filling school meal each day without cost. But a third of school-age children in England (900,000) living in poverty miss out on free school meals.

Where is the benefit cap affecting families?

14 July 2023
A map showing the number of children living in households affected by the benefit cap between 2013 and 2023.

The benefit cap: an unhappy anniversary

14 July 2023
Our new briefing analyses how much families are left to live on after paying their housing costs if they are affected by the benefit cap.

Leading children’s charities and commissioners call for an end to the two-child limit

13 July 2023
Leading children’s charities and commissioners have written to the leaders in the House of Commons to call for an end to the two-child limit.

You reap what you code

27 June 2023
This research study examines the extent to which universal credit (UC) adheres to the rule of law principles of transparency, procedural fairness and lawfulness. Our analysis focuses on the claims, decision making, communication of decisions and disputes processes within UC. We investigated how the design and implementation of the UK’s first digital-by-design benefit aligns with the social security legislation underpinning it.

Managed migration 1

31 May 2023
The DWP’s research during the discovery phase of managed migration to universal credit (UC) concluded that ‘on the whole households are able to make the move to UC.’ But we are finding that, when issues do arise, the consequences can be serious for claimants causing stress, budgeting difficulties and debt.

Improving secondary school food provision: barriers and solutions

25 May 2023
This briefing draws on our research with schools and families in London and makes suggestions for how schools can remove some of the barriers faced by secondary pupils in receipt of free shcool meals, and those in low-income families who do not currently qualify.

The minimum cost of education

11 May 2023
Researchers have found that going to school in the UK costs families of primary school children at least £864.87 a year, or £18.69 a week. This is before childcare costs are accounted for. For families of secondary school children, the cost of sending a child to school is at least £1,755.97 a year.

Exploring social tariffs for energy

10 May 2023
A social tariff that reduces the cost of fuel for low-income households could, in principle, more than halve the fuel poverty rate. Read a new briefing from academics at the University of York.

Six years in: the two-child limit

06 April 2023
This briefing, from CPAG, End Child Poverty, the Church of England, and the Benefit Changes and Larger Families project, marks the sixth anniversary of the two-child limit.